Sekaya Raw Actives Barley Green, 100% Organic

Product Description:

Organic source of chlorophyll to support detoxification Each serving of Barley Green is equivalent to 60 leaves of organic barley grass, which is also USDA-certified. It naturally contains vitamin C, calcium and iron. It's also an organic source of chlorophyll that supports detoxification. Sekaya Raw Actives is a curated line of nutrient-dense superfoods to boost your health and help keep you active. Our products are: Plant-based - Made from whole plant foods minimally processed to keep the phytoactives and nutrients intact, Clean - Free of chemicals and pesticides, and manufactured in a pharma-grade facility to ensure purity of each product, Convenient - Comes in easy-to-dissolve powder so you can have your superfoods anytime, anywhere, Functional - Scientifically and traditionally proven to boost your health and help keep you active. Quite simply, they are nutrient-dense whole plant foods in powdered form



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Market Availability:

South Asia, ASEAN/ANZ, China, East Asia, Middle East & Africa

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Ingredients/raw materials used:

100% Organic Barley Grass Powder


Dehydration / Drying


Shelf Life:

36 Months

Major Export Markets:



FDA-LTO/CPR, Organic


Paper Can

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Raw Materials And Food Ingredients, Beverages, Beverages, Fine Food And Specialties, Fruits And Vegetables, Organic And Natural, Organic And Natural, Organic And Natural

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 Sekaya® Global Group nourishes the world with Philippine ingredients sourced from our country’s heritage agricultural resources. Sekaya® Global is the science-based natural products business of Unilab. It promotes and distributes Philippine natural plant-based... [Read more]

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