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About IFEX Philippines

IFEX Philippines (formerly International Food Exhibition) is CITEM's long-running trade event and sourcing program for Philippine and global food and ingredients.

Together with, IFEX Philippines serves as a one-stop business-to-business (B2B) platform aiming to optimize their sourcing experience of buyers from anywhere in the world.

IFEX Philippines is organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions & Missions (CITEM).

CITEM primarily offers export marketing services and partners with local and international private and public organizations to enable MSME’s in export and promotions. To know more, please visit: or check the Services tab at the homepage.

Yes, we offer free export trade and marketing seminars and resources. You may download the past recordings and resources here:

CITEM annually holds signature events and participates in various local and international trade fairs. To see the upcoming local and international events, you may visit: or check the Events tab from the homepage.

IFEX Philippines is organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Mission (CITEM), the export promotion arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

IFEX Philippines is the country's most comprehensive trade promotions program for the domestic food industry, helping Philippine and global exporters promote premium quality food and ingredients to the world through physical and/or digital trade shows and business-to-business platforms, digital marketing efforts, an online community, and a product innovation program.

IFEX Philippines is a part of FOODPhilippines and a program of the Center for International Trade Expositions & Missions (CITEM).

About IFEXConnect

Yes, IFEX Connect is accessible in other countries to optimize the Philippine food sourcing experience of foreign buyers.

IFEX Connect is currently in its trial period and is offered for FREE. No membership fee until further announcement.

IFEX Connect primarily caters to Philippine food exporters and Asian food companies, and local and foreign buyers. For more details on IFEX Connect Registration, you may check

You may sign-up as a buyer or exhibitor here:

IFEX Connect is a 24/7 online business-to-business (B2B) platform for Philippine food exporters and leading buyers and top grocers around the world. It aims  to provide an optimized  sourcing experience through its Digital Product Catalog.

Member Inquiries

To ensure the quality of services by IFEX Connect, we highly encourage buyers to submit their feedback and for exhibitors to submit their report. A prompt will appear on the Inbox and Dashboard Activity for every accomplished meeting. Members of the platform may also submit their feedback and/or meeting report through their Dashboard ( 


CITEM is working on courier partnerships for discounted rates. For the meantime, buyers may directly connect with exhibitors regarding their requested product samples or orders.

On the Company Page or Product Page, a member may Request a Meeting and attach a proposal to other members. PDF/JPG/DOC/PPT files can be attached with a maximum size of 5MB.

Yes, if you are a registered member, contact details of a company will be available on the Company Page. You may opt to directly send an SMS or email to other members.

If you or your contact is not available at the preferred/requested date and time, the receiving party may either Deny, Approve or Send Message to the requesting party through My Calendar from the Dashboard menu. Deny option will allow the member to select a new date for meeting.


You may connect with other members either through the Company Page or Product Page. You may either Send Message or Request a Meeting.

On the Dashboard, go to Bookmarks and proceed to Connections to see your favorite contacts. 

Currently, companies can upload a maximum of 20 products on their Product Catalog with up to 12 photos per product. The maximum file size is 500kb JPG/PNG per upload. Companies are recommended to use 900 x 900 pixels at 300dpi for their product photos for optimal display of products on the catalog.

Uploading beyond the 20 product limit may incur charges and are subject to approval. 

On the Dashboard, go to Product Catalog and Add New Product. Provide the necessary information on required fields and then save.

On the Dashboard, go to Bookmarks and select your preferred product.

In the Homepage, go to Event Info > List of Exhibitors and select your preferred year for list of exhibitors.

This feature is currently not available on the platform. Default mode of notification is through the Dashboard and linked email address. 

From the dashboard, go to My Account and update your company information.

Product Inquiry

Minimum order per company may vary. See details on the Product Page or you may directly connect with your preferred exhibitor.

Yes, you may request a sample product from the exhibitor. However, courier services and fees may vary. Please directly connect with your preferred exhibitor.

Advertise with Us

Contact our Business Development Unit to learn more about how IFEX Connect can help your business.

Country: Philippines


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Contact Email:

Contact Numbers:

+632 8831 2201 


Operation Hours:

Monday - Friday: (UTC+8) 08:00am - 05:00pm (excluding Public Holidays)


Export Enablers

Your solutions should be geared towards exporters. This can be related to training, export marketing, design, product development or other relevant services. Note that companies will be screened prior to acceptance as an Export Enabler Partner.

Yes, signing up as an Export Enabler Partner is for FREE.

Our basic package is inclusive of company name, company description, logo, contact information, featured services, and a dedicated inquiry form.

  • Must be a duly registered company in the Philippines or in the country where the company has legal personality​
  • Should have services geared towards or applicable to exporters​
  • Should have clear and direct solutions or services beneficial to exporters​
  • Must have online presence (website and/or social media page) 

You may contact our Business Development Unit through email at

  1. Those deciding to export ​
  2. Already exporting​

  3. Exporters who want to expand to other markets

  4. Brands that are already established, but need more support for their promotions​


Government institutions, NGOs, private corporations/companies, organizations and individuals who offer services, solutions, products, and expertise that can equip local companies to expand their business to global markets.


Make your brand and products known to the world through IFEXConnect.

Send us a message and let’s talk about doing business online.

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