As cliche as it may sound, lots of great things do come from small beginnings. Our flagship product, Lemoncito Calamansi Juice Concentrate, comes from a tiny round fruit— the Philippine Lime, locally known as calamansi. Likewise, our company had humble beginnings. 

Starting as a cottage industry back in 1999 that catered only to close friends and relatives in Metro Manila, we eventually ventured out in 2007 and settled down in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. At our brand’s new home, we began to thrive and slowly earned a reputation for providing only the best, naturally delicious and nutritious fruit concentrates in the community.

Our mission is to provide every home with a staple and superior natural fruit juice concentrate. Our signature drink is the Calamansi Juice Concentrate with Honey which is a great source of Vitamin C and is also an immunity booster. We also have the Calamansi Ginger Juice Concentrate with Honey which is not only a source of Vitamin C but also helps reduce muscle pain, soreness, and inflammation thanks to ginger. 

We also have Calamansi-Ginger-Turmeric Juice Concentrate with Honey that helps lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and prevent chronic conditions. The Passion-Fruit-Calamansi Juice Concentrate With Honey is rich in Riboflavin (or Vitamin B6) and Niacin (or Vitamin B3) and helps maintain insulin levels, and the Pineapple-Calamansi Juice Concentrate With Honey is loaded with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Thanks to the Department Of Science and Technology - Small Enterprise Technology Upgrade  (DOST-SETUP), DTI, and Negros Oriental Food Safety Team (NOFST), we at Zigmund Enterprises hold an FDA License to Operate as a Food Manufacturer and a Certification of Product Registration (CPR). You can find our products at grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and pasalubong shops in Negros Oriental and nearby regions and provinces as well as in some parts of Luzon.

We are currently working to expand our product line to include other fruit concentrates and beverages that are still in line with our mission to provide the community with healthy and tasty drinks.


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