Aztec Spirulina Granules 50g.

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100% Pure High Grade Aztec Spirulina Granules compose of 50 grams. 1 pack is good for 50 days or almost 2 months use. suggested intake is 1 gram or 1 tsp. per day. Package contains 50 servings of pure quality spirulina and 1 teaspoon. It has a ziploc for easy sealing. Refined taste like squash seeds/ nori seaweeds because we only harvest the good spirulina. Safe and great for all ages and nursing mothers. 📍100% Natural 📍High in Protein 📍Low in Calories 📍Regulates Cholesterol 📍Anti-viral Effects 📍Boost Immunity 📍FDA Approved 📍No binders or additives 📍Produced in the Philippines 🇵🇭 Storage condition is room temperature only. Do not expose to heat and light to retain its quality. #spirulinaph


50 grams

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Net Weight per Pack:

50 Grams


Micro Algae

Ingredients/raw materials used:



Dehydration / Drying


Own Produce And Farm

Shelf Life:

3 Years

Major Export Markets:

United States of America




Laminated Standing Pouch

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Fine Food And Specialties, Raw Materials And Food Ingredients, Raw Materials And Food Ingredients

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Started as a family owned Spirulina microfarm in Cainta Rizal in 2008, Eng. Pol Puente and his family saw the potentials of growing quality Spirulina due to its medical and health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of diseases. Based on scientific studies Spirulina has sever... [Read more]

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