Thirty One Digital Media Solutions, Inc.

Thirty One Digital Media Solutions, Inc.

We are a creative solutions provider in the business of creating websites, apps, digital marketing, and video production


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301 ICITE Bldg.Orchard Rd., Eastwood City Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City

Services Offered:

User Experience Design: The process of designing what the user journey will be interacting with an online platform such as a website. Data-driven design based on the target audience is factored in.

Display and Rich Media Banner Ads: Programmatic and targetted ads that are custom-designed and targetted to a set of audiences the Client would like to talk to online.

Web Development: Bespoke website design that can be customized to the Client's objective. Aided by a Content Management System that will make updating the website easier and seamless.

App Development: iOS and Android app development that is unique to your brand with its own user experience.

Chatbot Development: A convenient way to cater to and manage customer interactions on your online platform (ie. Facebook, website, etc). Users can be guided to respond to FAQs and assist with basic transactions through the chatbot.