Pareto Consulting

Pareto Consulting

We are a growth consulting firm that specializes in market research and full-service digital marketing services catering to startups and MSMEs.


Office Number:
+6382 452 958
Office Address:

Exodus St. San Lorenzo South, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Services Offered:

Market Research and Strategy - We offer market research solutions that are tailor-fit based on your business goal – whether it be launching your startup, expanding your business, or validating your marketing campaigns. We can help you with quantitative and qualitative market research, competitor analysis, and desk research. You name it, we've got it for you!

Social Media Management - Executed wisely, we provide copywriting, creative social media execution, and community management for your brand to increase engagement and brand awareness.

Account-Based Marketing - If you are a B2B company, we offer lead generation services via LinkedIn Outreach and execute personalized communications.

Content Marketing - Content is King! We amplify your brand through blogs, influencer marketing, and lead magnet campaigns such as webinars. We will also do the writing, graphic design, and other creatives you might need!

Press Release Distribution - We write news-worthy press releases and distribute it to targeted top-tier US-based publications.

White Label Solution - Do you need an additional hand at work but lack the time to hire and train a new employee? Look no further; with our expertise, our team is ready to supplement your human resource needs through our white-label solution.

Product Development and Branding -Helps entrepreneurs transform entrepreneurial visions into reality through actual product development and branding. We can assist you in building your website, app, and everything else you need to set up your brands, such as a unique logo, brand bible, and packaging design.

Email Marketing - We stay on top of your audience by keeping in touch with them via email marketing and management and helping them along the buyer's journey.

Webinar Management - Workshops on intensive product management and marketing strategy are directly facilitated by Bianca Flor Ulan, the founder of Pareto Consulting. These workshops are designed for small enterprises and startups that need to realign and organize their resources and strategies.

Landing Page Creation / Website Creation using WordPress Brizy Cloud - We make landing pages that work well for your website and help you turn visitors into leads.

General Virtual Assistant/Data Entry - We provide remote help for order processing, billing, and customer service for your company, freeing you up to concentrate on the aspects of your business that are most important.

Digital Shop - We also offer DIY Marketing Templates that start at P150. Typically sold to micro businesses who do not have the budget to hire an agency or a full-time marketer for their business.

Affiliate Opportunity - Allows content creators and influencers to earn extra income from the company’s Digital Shop. Every purchase thru their referral link will give them a 30% commission.

DataKonek - A research marketplace geared toward micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises that are loaded with completed market research and are designed to assist them in gaining insights and making data-driven decisions for their businesses.