Amelco Desiccants Inc.

Amelco Desiccants Inc.

Amelco Desiccants Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of Active, Protective, and Intelligent packaging products used for a wide range of food products and industrial applications in food safety and shelf life extension. The company establishes long-term customer partnerships by delivering the most comprehensive manufacturing and product support services available.

As a leader in active packaging products in the Philippines for 40 years, Amelco Desiccants Inc. meets the growing demands of the high technology electronics and semiconductor industries, pharmaceutical, medical, agriculture, food, fresh produce, automotive, logistics, and general packaging industries.

​Amelco Desiccants Inc. manufactures its active packaging products in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities. Products meet EU RoHs and Reach requirements and FDA CFR 21 regulations for safe contact with food and drugs.


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Amelco Desiccants Inc. 121 East Main Ave., Laguna Technopark, Binan, Laguna

Services Offered:

Desiccants: silica gel and clay absorbents, container desiccants, oxygen absorbers

Flexible packaging: glass and PET bottles, vacuum bags, stand-up pouches, coffee bags, aseptic bags, retort bags, BIB, IBC.